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Production of private brands


Dear business partners,

on the grounds of regularly published studies the sales under one's own retail brand records very significant and continuously growing trend. Aware of this fact, we offer you an EXTENDED FORM OF COOPERATION consisting in customised production of cosmetics and dry goods under your own private trading brand and resulting from you possibilities in the fields of development, production and distribution of the above mentioned products.

Our domain is the production of cosmetics and dry goods in the following fields:

  • Lip care products - balms, sticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, healing balms

  • Cleansing and caring skin cosmetics - skin lotions, cleansing milks, body milks, skin creams, face masks, hand creams, caring body balms

  • Hair cosmetics - styling products - hair gels, hair waxes, hair glosses, hair brilliantine, hair sprays and hairstyling mousses and liquids
  • Cleansing and caring hair products - shampoos, conditioners, waters for hair, hair tonics, nourishing cures, leave-in hair balms

  • Special and season products - suntan and self-tan products, repellent, lubricants, pedicure products, nail varnish removers, gel products, cosmetic grease

  • Decorative cosmetics - eye shadows, super glossy lip glosses, hair and skin spangles

    Other dry goods - shower gels, shampoos, fabric conditioners

    The above stated products are already in production with which we have significant experience.

Together with our business offer we also provide our services with regard to development and production of products under private retail brand. Furthermore we guarantee ensuring the development, attestation of the product, processing the labels according to you requirements, we will also design the packaging including the production of cardboard boxes. The service also includes filling-in the product into the package, its packaging and transport to final expedition.

Although we put stress on significance of production under one's own private retail brand, we beg to note the fact that more advantageous price, high volume and quality content of the product are the indisputable means how to effectively increase the growth of sales of products produced under private retail brand. In the time to come, a 15 - 20 % growth of retail brands is expected in the Czech Republic. Let's make use of this huge potential of growth of sales of products produced under private retail brand. We are ready to respond very quickly to your demands and intentions.

 Dear business partners, we believe that our offer of the "Extended form of cooperation" will hold your interest and will eventuate in our future business cooperation in development and production of products under your private retail brand.

  DROGEREX Your reliable business partner.