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Dear business partners, you can contact us on the following phone numbers. You can also send any questions to the following e-mails. All your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome and will znažit will respond as quickly as possible and as much as possible to meet.



Za Mostem 8, 664 91 Ivančice CZ, tel.: +420 546 434 356,
fax: +420 546 211 931, mob. +420 736 488 648
IČO : 68631774


Management, company owner:
Jaroslav Šandera
e-mail.: drogerex@drogerex.cz

Sales department:
Tomáš Pospíchal, Petr Švec, Ivana Láterová, Josef Svoboda
e-mail.: prodej@drogerex.cz

Marketing, advertising, trade, customer service:
Marcela Kolmanová
e-mail.: servis@drogerex.cz

Billing department:
Zdeněk Kudera - stock manager
e-mail.: obchod@drogerex.cz

Petra Lengyelová
e-mail.: admin@drogerex.cz
Dana Ondráková
e-mail.: info@drogerex.cz

Account department:
Bc. Lenka Svobodová
e-mail.: ucetni@drogerex.cz



Where to find us:

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