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About the company




The company  D R O G E R E X  deals with sale and distribution of cosmetics and dry goods. Export and import also forms another significant business activity of the company. We represent very significant producers and their brands for sale in the Czech Republic.
We are purely Czech company. The main, underlying business programme is the distribution of cosmetic products. The company was established in 1998, and shortly after it has earned a name of distributor with the best selling system of work and gets to the position of a dominant business partner. Since the establishment of the company we have cooperated with leading Czech producers, importers and distributors of cosmetics.


Furthermore we provide our business partners the possibility to negotiate customized production of cosmetic products under a private brand. Our priority consists in an innovative approach to development and production of new products and distribution of successful brands and the best selling products in the respective sectors. The trade with cultivating cosmetic products is a field with growing trends and high business potential. Let's make use of the possibility to cooperate and become business partners.


  DROGEREX Your reliable business partner.