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The foundations of BIONE COSMETICS have been laid 20 years ago when we started the production of these cosmetics. In the course of the years both nature and characteristics of these products have developed both in connection with legislative requirements and, in particular, further to the new knowledge in the fields of cosmetology, biochemistry, dermatology, botany, pharmacy, etc. The cosmetics have gradually obtained their current shape, which is, again, dynamic and will slowly develop in the above stated spirit.
The main characteristics of the BIONE COSMETICS products is the pragmatism with regard to their composition and end-use properties. One can note that the composition of all products is, if possible, smartly simple, as the functionality of certain raw materials is made use of to the fullest. The products do not contain any unnecessary and heavy substances.
We insist on functionality of the products and on high content of main active substances with the aim to provide our customers with maximum of end-use properties for reasonable prices.
BIONE COSMETICS products are gentle both to the users and the nature. Long ago we have freed the cosmetics of all generally undesirable components that are adverse both from dermatological and environmental point of view. This effort has gradually brought us to the highly ecological products, designated as BIO, that do not contain any oil products, silicones, ethoxylates, SLES, SLS, parabens, alkylphenols, complex polyphosphates, and animal products. Perfuming only using hypo-allergenic ingredients. The customers can be satisfied at the most. We readily introduce the newest products of biotechnology into our products. We make use of all possible characteristics of herbal extracts and essential oils in order to obtain the desired effect. As one of the first producers in the world we use such types of emulsions in our emulsion cosmetics that are free of any emulsifiers, extremely smooth, non-irritating, smartly stabilized with certain natural polysaccharides and lipophilic poly acrylate matrix.
Everything for the customers who therefore obtain preparations of absolutely extraordinary quality!

Jaroslav Šandera
(Business Director) 

RNDr. Petr Slezák
(Research & Development)

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